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​Flow of use

First, the gel is applied to the area to be depilated, and then the hair is removed by applying the irradiation part of the depilatory machine. Since it is a continuous shooting type, just apply it so that it slides on your skin. Apply the gel remaining on the skin to the area that has been hit and move to the next area.


Hair loss start

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time for the first time.

We will explain the mechanism of SHR hair removal and how to use the hair removal machine.



Please use an electric shaver or razor on the day or the day before. Please refrain from using tweezers or waxing, as it can irritate your skin.

Please note that the hair removal effect will fade if more than 1mm of hair remains. We have a simple electric shaver for sale at our store, so it is possible to come to the store and shave, but please be aware that it will be included in the usage time.




Start of hair removal